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Holidays Fever

Newest season of illustration rush. Those who claims holidays fever starting from 5th December 2023 until 31st December 2023 will get discount of 15% per illustration only. The offers will only be available up to 10 person and only one slot per email. The holidays fever is not available on VGen and the validity is until 31st January 2024.


I'm glad to have you here.My name is iBro and I'm an artist from Malaysia and I love to draw lots of amazing cool and cute looking things. I have both artist persona and VTuber persona that can make you engulf with my nonsenses especially with art or games that I'm playing on.To know more about me, check on more info by clicking or tapping the button below me.


Have an original character idea?I can make it come to life. I will design your character based on your ideas and concept that you have. More or less for more creativity from me or from you can make it better.Original Character? Yes. Fanart? Definitely. Music Cover? Let your voice and yourself shine. VTuber? In a snap you will become one.Check out my commission status and price for details and also make sure to abide terms of services and guidelines.


iBro can navigate you more closely by having you in his Discord Server.iBro's ParadixumBecome the mortal that are loyal to the great magician. You will be able to get notified about his tweet, upload videos and when he livestreaming.It doesn't end there. You can also have fun in the server and make new friends with other mortals.


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Founder of the iBro Illustrations. A Virtual Artist from Malaysia resides in state of Pahang. iBro is also skilled in 2D Anime drawing style illustrations and has been improving since his debut from Instagram in 21st June 2021 as artist. iBro learns lots of art theory and art appreciation as he progress and enter Pre-U student and march into university to study further in Graphics Communication but he is also interested in doing 2D Anime Illustrations more since it has lots of vibrancy in between realism style of art and the 2D anime art itself. iBro uses both ways of approach through his learning and from today still improving as an artist to create better art. iBro also decides to make a Manga and also be sure to look forward to upcoming status of his upcoming progress.He is also a VTuber who mostly stream Drawing and Gaming genre. He debuted as a VTuber in 20th July 2022.


A dimensional caster and also former God of War. He was also one of the bravery from billions years ago who is known as Sage of Dimension who fights the army of demons with dimension magic. He died from overusing his magic to where his body unable to contain more magic within him. He was summon by unknown entity before ascending to the heaven and given another chance to stay in the world and maintain the balance of the world as he wanted to. The entity reveals himself as almighty and gave him immortality and a new vessel to merge with his current body. He accept it and continue to fight for billion years and earn his epithet as God of War. For a long time in a while, he remembers a fragment of his memories of his past as human. He decides to quit from being a god as he remembers his actual memories as human. The almighty respect his decision and liberates him from his work. Now he starts going into another dimension where he can find and live peacefully back as human. He seen a lot of things mid-way through crossing dimensions and find a world that is filled with a lot of technology and has peaceful atmosphere that somehow fits his world to live in and decides new life as a VTuber in Malaysia.

iBro's VTuber Lore BioData can be checked here.


Platform shown are in order: X, Instagram, Threads, Pixiv, Foriio, Deviant, Discord, Behance, & Mail.

Contacts that are accepted for commissioning is at the bottom of the page.

I have other platform as promoting my commission and works as well. Such as Reddit, Facebook, Behance and are my official account can be found anywhere unlisted here. Be sure to let know through DM's if you are unsure from the platform givens.


This are my streaming channels, Youtube & Twitch. Youtube will be focusing on video uploads and livestreaming will always be considering Twitch for now.


NOTE: Please be careful of scammers that impersonate as me. If you found me in another platform that I did not add here, there's a chance you encounter an imposter. For request of illustration or Live2D, please click the link of my social network services of Twitter and Instagram to discuss. Others are only for portfolios and promotions.



  • Name : iBroDaWae (Real Name: Unknown)

  • Epithet : God of War (former), Dimensional Hero, Sage of Dimension, Penguin

  • Age : 24 years old (Ancient Records holds he already lived for billion years)

  • Race : Human (former), Half-Demon, Penguin (as a joke)

  • Attributes: Dimensional Magic (Construct and Deconstruct), Manipulate Everything with Dimensional Magic includes all elements of the universe.

  • Strength : ??? (Ancient Records holds he's capable of battle with any foes without magic. Witnesses state his capable of fighting other higher beings and on-par with deity beings during the battle, True strength is still unknown)

  • Endurance : ??? (Ancient Records holds he already lived for long time from the Holy Grail Wars and never dies, to be said holds an Ultra-Speed Regeneration and also Absolute Soul Resistance. To be frank, Fully Immortal).

  • Color of Magic/Mana : Green Aurora (former as human), Violet and Dark Aurora.

  • Magic Power/Capacity : ??? (Ancient Records holds he has endless magic and with his ability to regain mana from surroundings during battle effortlessly and actual capacity and power measures are still unable to comprehend the truth of his power.

Ancient Records was able to recover few data and information of iBro, the remaining have been destroyed or erased from living and memories from any evidence through whole universe and dimensions and already been centuries, non of the missing pieces of it have been recovered ever since.



Rigger: Tsuhara Kirisato

Virtual Artist, Dimensional Wizard, Ex-God of War

Click on image for full view



Rigger: Tsuhara Kirisato

Lav is a Cat Witch VTuber who can cast lots of dark spells and make potions. She also good at playing games like Apex Legends.

Click on image for full view



Rigger: Tsuhara Kirisato

Haku is a Red Panda from the noble of Ailurius. He does ASMR and voice-acting.

Click on image for full view


OPENILLUSTRATION1st - 30th Nov 2023none3
IN WAITINGILLUSTRATION1st - 31st Dec 2023none3
OPENRKGK (落書き)1st - 30th Nov 2023none
OPENLIVE 2Dundefinednone

Click below to show the base price

IN WAITING status allows commissioners to reserve their slot early. Once open, the work period, payment time begins. As you are commissioning iBro, you agree to the Terms of Services as you read. Company will also able to use the price below, for further discussion such as budget, details and more can be email below. Contacts are available below.

iBro's Commission Procedure has been updated for safety between artist and client . Please check here to know more.


Other payments will be decline. Please follow my standards of commissioning me. For Malaysians however, I recommend DuitNow Transfer for the most part, If you prefer other payments suitable like Touch n Go e-wallet, please let me know otherwise. All payment QR, account numbers & invoice will be sent to you personally. Paypal however will only receive invoice by mail.

Ko-Fi payment is now available globally for commission payment as well as supporting iBro for future plan.



The price is charged for each model/character.

  • Chibi/Headshot/PFP/Bust-Up RM75/$50USD+

  • Half Body/Waist-Up RM120/$100USD+

  • Full Body/Knee-Up  RM170/$150USD+

For reduced price of additional characters,
minimum 4 characters for 20% off the price of the model option.


  • Blank or Stylized "Design" Background (by default)

  • Subjected "Scenery/Detailed" Background RM150/$USD120


  • Simple Complex: RM15/$10USD

  • Mid Complex: RM30/$25USD

  • Complex: RM50/$40USD

  • Extremely Complex: RM100/$90USD

Complexity charges are inserted at the end of payment and will depends if theres either any of it. It may either be from requested subject on the model that will a affect complexity of the illustration.
e.g. Sword, Guns, Books & more detailed additional subject.

Please refer on Other Charges for more types of commission you need.

  • Infinite Revision during Sketch

  • 2 Free revision after Sketch

Delivery time: 3 - 7 days
(during submission please make sure the deadline minimum would be in 14 days from the starting point.) more info

Sketch ▶ Line Art ▶ Base Color ▶ Rendering ▶ Quality Control ▶ Complete

There might be more process than this. For now, this is shown if theres no complex during progress and also based on order.


If you don't have a rigger yet. I can recommend you to my entrusted riggers by click or tap the button below

LIVE 2D - MODEL OPTIONS (design only)

  • Half Body RM600/$560USD+

  • Full Body RM950/$850USD+

  • Chibi RM400/$370USD+

(Starting in January 2024, iBro Illustrations will no longer offers Half Body Live2D Model Option, price of Chibi model will also be increased.)

High-range model separated layers pieces by pieces. Ready to Rig (PSD).

Model design from scratch will have additional charges.
Each package will come with 4 simple expression with 1 unique change outfit expression.
For first-time client who ordered full body model option will received free Front & Back character sheet design along the way. Same applies to those who want to upgrade from half body to full body.


  • Asymmetrical Design (45° angle) RM200/$180USD+

  • Additional Simple Facial Expression (per Expression) RM40/$35USD+

  • Additional Unique Expression RM180/$120USD+

  • Upgrades (price dependent) RM / $ USD ? ? ?

  • Repair (price dependent) RM / $ USD ? ? ?.

  • Character Design RM100 / $65USD.

  • Cutting Service RM / $ USD ???.

Cutting service will depends on your budget. At minimum of RM350/$180 USD base cut. The price will defer depends on how your rigger wants by your request.

Please refer on Other Charges for more types of commission you need.

  • Infinite Revision during Mock-Up & Creation.

  • 5 Revision after Mock-Up & Creation.

Delivery time: 21-35 days
(during submission please make sure the deadline minimum would be in 35 days from the starting point.) more info

Upgrades or modification on current design done by other artist requires their permission rights of use.Keep in mind that upgrades and repair price may vary and can be a bit high if through your request needed to go within the standards. Such as, better layer of parts, hidden support layers and re-modification on design and more.

Sketch & Design ▶ Mock-Up & Creation ▶ Rendering + Separation ▶ Quality Control ▶ Complete

There might be more process than this. For now, this is shown if theres no complex during progress and also based on order.

Rendering + Separation will be done part by part progress depends on how much design and cut put into.

Live2D Model Commission is not available yet on VGen. Will make announcement through social media when its ready.

RKGK (落書き)


  • Bust-Up/Headshot (Default) RM50/$25USD

(Default Canvas is 1:1 or Square)


  • Upgrade to Half Body/Waist-Up RM35/$10USD

  • Add-On Rough Scenery RM25/$8USD



Delivery for RKGK (落書き) will be within a day after payment is made. If you are in queue, this might take long per person. I will let you know when its ready to start on your work. I mostly on hold payment until reaching your turn to work on the art.

Please refer on Other Charges for more types of commission you need.

  • No Revision.

Delivery time: 24 hours
(during submission please make sure the deadline minimum would be in 14 days from the starting point.) more info

Sketch ▶ Line Art ▶ Base Color ▶ Rendering ▶ Quality Control ▶ Complete



  • Source File (PSD) RM50/$45USD

  • Copy Art Style RM / $ USD - (%50 Charges)


  • Simple Charges RM150/$120USD

  • High-Range Charges RM250/$230USD


Creating you character from scratch.

  • Front / Back RM250/$230USD+

  • Front / Back / Side RM350/$300USD+

  • Extra Detail (Add-On) RM60/$50USD+

  • 3 Extra Expression (Add-On) RM50/$45USD+


  • Illustration Charges for Content Creation (@1.5x Total Price of Illustration)

  • Illustration Charges for Merchandise & Goods (@2x Total Price of Illustration)

Any usages for commercial is charged per illustration.


Music cover illustration is covered purposely for MV content.

The package includes PSD file and extra Illustration together in whole package. Purchasing in illustration in seperate may differ from this package. Keep in mind.

  • Whole Package RM400/$345USD+

  • Cover Extra (Add-On) RM100/$90USD+

  • L2D Design Charges RM250/$230USD+


Assets for alerts and others are in based price, may defer based on budget but this is the minimum price for each of the orders except the emotes pack. If alerts illustration needs to be animated, there will be extra charges on it.

  • Emotes Pack (10 per pax) RM300/$280USD

  • Alerts Illustration (2 per pax) RM150/$120USD+

  • Other Assets RM150/$120USD+



Tsuhara Kirisato is a rigger for everyone. She can make sure your model brings out its potential to the best where you will be in awe.
If you want the ultimate rigging, check out the Red Oni, Xas. He can rig your model to the maximum potential with his demonic rigging skills.


If you have a deadline, please follow the given instruction of making submission with a delivery time of your commission. This sames applies to VGen submission. Its not required to submit if you are unsure of the delivery.

  • Illustrations : Up to 3 - 7 days (required to submit with 14 days before delivery time, the more the better)

  • Live2D Model : 21 - 35 days (required to submit with 35 days before delivery time, the more the better)

  • RKGK (落書き) : Within 24 hours (required to submit with 14 days before delivery time, the more the better)

The extra days delivery time is a pre-caution time in case of late delivery that may cause from personal issue, emergency cases and more. However in queue of commission line might affect the jump of your deadline as it follows the starting to the end of duration you made from the submission. Keep in mind that, I will try to discuss with you in case of a very close deadline.


You can review all types of Terms of Services provided. From types of commission accepting, policy, guidelines, usage rights & more.
Be sure to read them carefully to avoid any issues doing business with iBro Illustrations.
Section are divided below:

Up arrow button will guide you back up top of the browser.



  • Original Character.

  • Fanart.

  • Any demi-human races.

  • Any half-mecha/mecha like.

  • Any possible details background illustrations.

  • High quality Live2D model design (lots of cut layers)


  • Request for artwork that exceeds into R-18 category (basically showing genital and breast nipple) Fanservices are still acceptable.

  • Realism.

  • Uncomfortable character. Depends if the request is too much to handle.

  • NFT request.

  • Large project for in a short-time.

  • Unpaid upfront (not claiming slot).


  1. Languages for communication : MY/EN/JP OK

  2. Monthly or partial payment/upfront is available starting from RM100/$75USD+. Keep in mind, through VGen payment will followed by the given currency input.

  3. Upfront payment must be paid to start the commission. No kinds of first come first serve.

  4. Character design from scratch will have additional charges.

  5. Works will be default in A3 sized paper in 350dpi while PFP illustration is default in 1:1 square in 350dpi. Can be customized to your preferred orientation of canvas.

  6. No refunds once I've send the first update of the progress. Cancelling in the middle of progress is not an option. So please make a solid decision when trying to commissioning me.

  7. Completed and fully paid request will be given a download link with its download password. File available up to 7 days. I'm not responsible for the file loss or not claimed within time.

  8. I will post or upload videos and livestream of my progress work anywhere anytime. If you want your work to be privated. Please let me know before hand.

  9. Due to my current circumstances. As a university student, the work might take longer than usual due to my studies, assignments and projects and also requires lots of rest due to these works. I will always open slots to fulfill those who need my work. (temporary statement)



  • Personal printing is allowed.

  • Commercial use or Selling is prohibited.

  • Permission is required for promotional use and gets approval.

  • Using my artwork for AI use is prohibited.

All artworks are reviewed back from source by sources. Except to the entrusted promotional site.


  • All types of Fanart of my Original Character must not be involved or related with politics, govern or racism.

  • Selling your artwork with my Original Character is prohibited.

  • Claiming my Original Character as yours is prohibited.

The guideline now will take actions very strictly starting 16th of June 2023. Improvising usage rights and fanarts.
iBro Illustrations will be monitoring every usage rights of its arts properly. Perpetrator will be caught if happens.
Copyright Act 1987 (Malaysia) (Akta Hak Cipta 1987).


  1. Have no rights of using their requested artwork for selling purposes.

  2. Are not given any privileged to use the requested artwork as a video/music cover/ads without paying commercial charges.

  3. Modifying the requested artwork is prohibited.

  4. Commercial used artwork can be sold as original. Selling modified artwork is prohibited.

  5. Any resorts such as claiming rights and taking down by iBro is ABSOLUTE if the use of the requested art are not in my consent.

  6. Violating any rules above may result of getting blacklisted from doing commission with me. Results may be influenced from your recent or previous activity which may be set case on public by others or myself. Please cooperate if you do not want any of the case goes on.



  1. Email will be required once per person, must provide frequent used email.

  2. Must state if they are from Malaysia or not.

  3. Must specify the purpose usage of the artwork.

  4. Must contact the artist from the given contacts below. Other contacts outside of the platform will be ignored.

  5. Must specify if you have any deadline or not.

  6. No free-sketches is given. Upfront payment must be paid. I have my rights with my terms of services I provided.

  7. Forcing any kind of request to iBro will not change his mind from rejecting your commission. As stated in Validity of Request section, please follow what has given.

  8. For character design from scratch or unexisted design, please make sure you have no any connections with other individuals or rights of any company that are not involves with you. This may results the artwork considered as violating copyrights. This issue may not applied to you or me but will offend other individuals that may takes it as insult or as an offense. Please make sure it has your originality even if its inspired from them.

  9. Make sure to have extra budget from the actual total price in case getting charge with complexity charges and such. Finance issue is common and if I already progress midway you have no rights to cancel the commission. Your work must go through the end to proceed on.

  10. Update is given progress by progress, make sure to check on it. I will not stop progressing until I finish to the final. Your commission might be on hold from progress if I require progress payment if needed.

  11. Payment method must comply with what artist has given. Payment outside of the platform is unaccepted.

  12. Make sure to provide enough details explanation, references and more.

  13. Negotiating unreasonable price is prohibited.

  14. Download file will be given to you with download pass: **** . Each clients is given their own password which minimum last up to 7 days. Currently, I will only offer download link as a main download source for every client. Request for other download platform will not comply. Be sure you are able to access the site first in any case.

Please ignore #8 instruction if you have your own design character or for fanart only.


Any inquiries are accepted in my possibility range. For request through submission, please provide details such as Type of Commission, Model Option, Adds-on and Budget. For company work, can also do submit it here or by your professional method.


Welcome to Art Advice & Improvement.iBro will be straight to the point. I won't take charges for any improvement for now. keep in mind this message will be update in case to let you know.To make sure iBro can share his knowledge and improvement, I also require one of your artwork that you allow me to make modification on it that can be also used for video for educational purposes. This is basically another inspiration based on video of Saito Naoki's sensei art correction lesson. I may not be the best as him but as someone who received praised by others as well, I still find myself lacking a lot of things.Let me know, through out the submission of what kind of improvement you seeking and what your motive of this art should follow better.